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Christmas at Rosemont

Christmas at Rosemont 2015

imdb 6.4 402

In a raging blizzard five days before Christmas, two young people meet by chance: Lisa, 23, pregnant and scared, and Brad, a professional snowboarder. Both want to make it over the mountains ahead of the storm, Brad to attend a party announcing his engagement, Lisa because she's desperate to get anywhere, so long as it's away from the mysterious circumstances she's running from. They don't make it. The blizzard catches up with them - Brad's car slams into a snow bank in the middle of the wilderness. They're forced to seek shelter at the one structure they've passed in the last ten miles: the Rosemont Lodge. Once a vibrant year-round resort, the Rosemont Lodge has been closed for nearly 20 years. Most of the Lodge has been sealed up; now, only a corner of the main building is inhabited. The lodge's owner, Josephine, used to be the heart and soul of the resort - her personality, and her cooking, were as much of an attraction as were the hundreds of acres of pristine mountain wilderness surrounding the lodge. After a devastating family tragedy, Josephine closed the lodge; now a bitter woman in her 60's, she lives as a total recluse behind "no trespassing" signs all over the property. Her only companion, and the Lodge's sole remaining employee, is Abe, the caretaker, who maintains the place as best he can while steadily hitting the bottle all day long to insulate himself from the lashings of Josephine's tongue. These two greet Brad and Lisa with shotguns - reluctantly Josephine agrees to take them in. Over the next several days the lives of these four people are transformed. They contend with the life threatening birth of Lisa's baby, the embarrassing discovery of Lisa's past, the blossoming romance between Brad and Lisa, the struggle for Lisa to keep her own baby. Above all there's the growing connection between Josephine and Lisa, a connection that Josephine comes to believe is rooted in the tragedy of Josephine's own past. It's this connection that gradually brings Josephine - and Rosemont - back to life, and offers a glimmer of hope for the future of Lisa and the baby.

Runtime: 95
Genres: Drama
Starts: Brad Dourif, Lochlyn Munro, Michael Gross, Grace Zabriskie
Director: Daniel Petrie Jr.

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